TECHNICAL COMMITTEE 10  Optical properties of Glass and Coated Products

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TECHNICAL COMMITTEE 10 (TC10) - Optical Properties of Glass and Coated Glass Products is part of the International Commission on Glass


Established in 1964, TC10 is primarily concerned with solving problems relevant to industry in the field of the optical properties of glass and coated glass products.


TC10 aims to improve the accuracy and reliability of the measurement of spectral optical properties needed to determine the relevant ultraviolet, luminous, solar and thermal performance parameters of glazing products employed in building, automotive and solar energy conversion applications.


Important areas of activity concern instrumentation, measurement techniques and procedures, calibration and reference materials and calculation methods. 


There is a strong emphasis on the use of interlaboratory comparisons. Recent work has addressed the spectrophotometric determination of emissivity, error sources in the measurement of diffuse optical properties and the accuracy of portable instrumentation for the determination of colour parameters.


Current activities include the development of measurement procedures for reliable measurement  of the transmittance of three dimensional patterned glass, fritted glass and laminates and determination of dispersion functions for bare glass substrates.


Strong links exist between TC10 and relevant international and European standards committees and work has contributed to the development and revision of glass in buildings standards such as EN 410, EN 673, EN 12898 and ISO 9050.


Measurement of the spectral transmittance and reflectance of patterned glassMeasurement of the spectral transmittance and reflectance of patterned glass

Measurement of the spectral transmittance and reflectance of patterned glass


Measurement of the angle dependent spectral transmittance of coated glass products

Measurement of the angle dependent spectral transmittance of coated glass products





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